5 Astonishing Benefits Of Laughing Gas

5 Astonishing Benefits Of Laughing Gas


If you’re in need of any sorts of dental procedure, you must have probably heard your dentist mention “laughing gas”. You need not worry, because it is as harmless as its name suggests.

Laughing gas is the common name for nitrous oxide. It is a safe as well as effective anaesthetic used for dental patients through a mask in an oxygen mixture.

It won’t put you to sleep like general anaesthesia but instead, will make you feel like a tingling sensation. It is meant to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment.

The Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana assures you painless dental treatment with the effective use of Nitrous Oxide.

Let us discuss some astonishing benefits of laughing gas.


Nitrous oxide is extremely beneficial for anxious patients as it creates a feeling of utter relaxation throughout the treatment process without making you lose consciousness.

This way, you can stay alert and follow the instructions given by your dentist in a more comfortable manner. There is no lingering effect of the sedation and you can go back to doing your routine activities without feeling extra sleepy.

Hence, nitrous oxide is considered an anxiolytic in dental treatments.


The most important advantage of laughing gas is that it is entirely safe for all age groups and can be administered to even children without the fear of any side effects.

The gas relaxes your nervous system making you feel calm and relaxed. There are no side effects of this sedation if administered at required levels by the dentist.

Moreover, the gas is colourless and odourless and is formulated by combining it with oxygen in a way that it is easy to be inhaled by you through a nose mask.

Even if the quantity given is more than what is required by mistake, the effects are short-term and can be tackled easily.


A lot of people with strong gag reflexes or with dental anxiety avoid getting treatments merely because they don’t like the way they feel during the treatment as well as post treatment as they do not want strong sedatives that might put them out for the day.

But to one’s surprise, this is not the case with nitrous oxide. Though the effect here varies from person to person but if given in the right amount with oxygen, the effect begins to wear off as soon as it is shut off.

Within a span of minutes, your teeth begins to release the nitrous oxide and replaces it with oxygen making the effect go the right way.


Nitrous oxide can very conveniently be administered without any fuss or other injections. All you have to do is simply wear a nose mask and breathe the air, which is odourless making it easier to inhale.

The sedative then moves to your lungs as quickly as it is inhaled by you and starts working and you begin to feel relaxed in a few minutes. It is super user friendly and time saving as there is no waiting period involved.


Most of the time, it can be very challenging for parents to take their kids to dental clinics for multiple reasons like waiting for the treatment, the fuss involved, the pain their child might have to go through, the post treatment effects and a lot more.

But laughing gas has come to the rescue culminating these problems all at once. The child becomes cooperative during treatment with its use ultimately reducing the total time that the treatment takes. As there is no disruption, the treatment takes place without any fear and worries.


Nitrous oxide has been in use for centuries now and is preferred by most dentists owing to the convenience it leaves the dental process with, the safety that it is assured with and the comfort that it provides the patients. Visit Sharma Dental Clinic Ludhiana to get rid of your clingy dental problems.

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