5 Reasons To Have Patient Case Studies

5 Reasons To Have Patient Case Studies


How does information and concepts grow past the shallow ground of recall only?

Facts alone, do wither. Context, learning and application are necessary for every educational root to form.

Case Studies are precisely an instructive-examples to people who in future might encounter similar problems or cases related to patients.

Ideally, when talking about medicine or dentistry, Case Studies always detail a particular medical case or patient’s Performa, describing the whole scenario and background of the patient and about every method employed by the dentist.

Case studies do discuss all the investigations undertaken which further helps to determine an earlier diagnosis or differentiate between possible diagnoses, and it also indicates the course of treatment of the respective patient.

Summing it as a whole, Case Studies are an informative and useful part of every doctor’s medical education. The Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana ensures to register the case studies of dental treatments.

Given below are 5 reasons to have patient case studies:

  1. It precisely depicts realistic clinical scenarios.

Case studies are not plagiarized. The examples of patients and certain disease progressions are very true to life.

Often, all the case studies are supplemented by true lab results, diagnostic test reports, vitals and x-rays that doctors can consult in further decision-making.

Such realistic clinical scenarios help doctors grasp all the practical applications of tough concepts.

  1. It increases doctor’s participation in practical clinical studies.

Case studies promote new learning procedures through increased participation and engagement in the concept.

It is conveyed in one study, that the majority of clinical faculty agreed that budding doctors took an active part in the learning and practical processes when they were equipped with case studies.

Participation helps the budding doctor increase interaction among doctors and instructors and they focus more on the patient, their clinical scenario and more.

Such active participation always helps the doctors to deeply study about each patient’s case and then starting to treat them wisely and efficiently.

  1. They are ideal for sharing new information.

Medicines and treatments evolve with the passage of time. Clinical practices change as new information or new scenarios add on or become available.

Case studies probably provide the necessary context, an idea or new information for merely justifying all the related procedural changes to experienced staff who are still accustomed to the old way of doing things.

In this way, creating patient’s case studies does help in upcoming or existing clinical scenarios with new procedural changes and also provides information in bulk.

  1. It promotes critical thinking.

Case studies often facilitate appreciation for applied nuances of the disease process or procedures.

Case studies basically capitalize upon all the related prior knowledge through application, clinical scenarios and strengthen the clinical skills of staff members.

Whether simplified or even made complicated, case studies always try to either reinforce or generally challenge the basics to expand learning.

  1. It improves clinical outcomes.

There has been much evidence that the case-study methods help in maintaining patient outcomes.

The new age doctors often get equipped with case studies to work on existing cases in order to achieve the do’s and don’ts of realistic clinical scenarios and finally achieve great clinical outcomes.

This way maintaining case studies becomes more important than just treating patients.

Summing Up

Case studies certainly have a very rich history when it comes to treating a patient in dentistry medicine as an educational or applied tool for all the clinical personnel.

They precisely nurture all the deep learning by building upon existing or prior knowledge gained from real world or personal experience and education to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Therefore, Case studies are a crucial part of medical history and help in achieving unbelievable medical results and clinical scenarios with sure success of treatments. Visit Sharma Dental Clinic for quality treatment of your dental problems.

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