5 ways to curb Tooth Pain

5 ways to curb Tooth Pain

5 ways to curb Tooth Pain

Ohh!! It hurts badly.

Tooth pain is normally considered as shooting or sharp pain. Bad food and eating habits, plaque, gum diseases or anything associated with poor oral hygiene can be the reason for tooth pain.

Tooth ache may be devastating and might spoil your all set to go day. The throbbing ache and swelling don’t let you eat, drink or you might not be able to speak too. It can also lead you to wake up all night. Now, the obvious solution is to book an appointment and consult a dentist.

But what if it’s midnight and you can’t reach a doctor? What if due to any reason you can’t get treatment immediately? There are still solutions to it! This article will help you discover 5 ways to curb tooth pain or get rid of the sharp and shooting toothache.

What to do for a Tooth pain?

While your first aim is to stop toothache as quickly as you can, you need to firstly try to understand the very cause for the toothache. When any of our body parts experience pain, they are trying to make us aware through warning signals to our brains, telling us that something might be wrong.

If you are facing oral pain, it is normally a sign that you definitely have an issue that should be realised and taken care of as soon as possible.

Reasons behind Tooth Pain:

  • Gum Diseases
  • Bacterial infection
  • Tooth fracture
  • Broken tooth
  • Teeth decaying
  • Damaged filling in teeth
  • Eruption of teeth, etc.

There are still many ways through which you can get relief from toothache or treat the tooth pain. You can always visit the Best Dentist in Ludhiana for more information.

Given below are 5 ways to curb your tooth pain:

  1. Applying cold compress to treat toothache – Normally, there are two known ways to eliminate tooth pain. The first one includes reducing inflammation, while the second known way is to interrupt certain injury signals to the brain.

You can achieve the first way by applying a cold compress. This can help you eliminate the discomfort by shooting pain and also reduces swelling.

  1. Rinsing with salt water – In addition to cold compress or cold pack, one can also rinse the mouth with salt and lukewarm water in order to prevent it from any bacterial infection.

It not only helps you curb your tooth pain but also helps you feel relaxed. It also helps you in reducing inflammation or treating the oral wounds, further helping you with relaxation.

  1. Using Peppermint tea bags – It is said that mild numbing helps a lot in curbing toothache. And what can be a better way than using Peppermint tea bags?

Peppermint tea bags help in mild numbing which immediately reduces pain and helps you feel relaxed. Most people prefer cooling the tea bags and then applying them, while some prefer to use them in the form of heat.

  1. Taking Anti-Inflammatory medications – Generally during tooth pain, the first reaction in the mouth is inflammation or swelling.

To treat the same and get rid of the inflammation or tooth ache, one can take anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate that. They help in accomplishing the goal of reducing the toothache immediately for an instance.

If you need any guidance on such medications, you can contact the Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana.

  1. Using Clove oil – Getting treated with a dentist can be delayed due to lack of convenience or time. You never know when and what will be the time that could lead to tooth ache.

However, one shall always consult the Best Dentist in Ludhiana for assured quality treatment.

In such a case, for gentle and immediate relief, one can use clove oils for mild numbing and helps you curb the tooth ache. Using clove oil is one of the herbal treatments to treat the oral dental pain.

Oral dental pain can be caused due to many serious issues, which includes tooth decaying, tooth fracture, sometimes the damaged filling, infected gums or bacterial infection.

Dealing with such mind wrecking pain can be devastating. Above mentioned ways are the best options to get an immediate relief, though they aren’t the permanent solution. But till the treatment is delayed, one can easily curb the tooth pain through these ways and get rid of sudden pain. In case the situation does not come under control, you can then visit the Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana.

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