Diet And Oral Health

Diet And Oral Health


How are these related?

A proper diet is quite substantial for precaution against problems related to gum diseases and gum decay. Doctors and health experts emphasise the role of appropriate diet and nutrition while dealing with various dental issues and their treatments. However, oral health is overlooked in most of the cases which then aggravates in later stages of life.

 Significance of ‘Balanced Diet’

One should stick to a diet rich in phosphorus, calcium and fluoride in order to maintain decay-resistant and strong teeth. Not adhering to a balanced diet with all the nutrients in the right proportion would certainly lead to oral infections. The Best Dentist in Ludhiana should be visited in case of any kind of dental problems.

What nutrients comprise of a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet should constitute of :

  • Carbohydrates in right amount
  • Amino acids
  • Fatty acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Water

These nutrients should be in right amounts as per the needs of the body. Consuming excessively high nutrient quantity foods will cause damage to the teeth and in turn cause the tooth enamel to break down causing cavities. One should get Best Dental Treatment in Ludhiana in case of any suspected oral damage.

Role of diet in the development of teeth?

Food is fuel for the body and plays a vital role in development of the entire body and its parts. In a similar manner, teeth rely on a healthy diet for their development. A wrong proportion of nutrients taken can lead to teeth malformations.

A diet lacking in the right amount of proteins can cause variations in the surface of the tongue and abnormality in teeth structure. Lipids, on the other hand, can cause inflammation in the mouth and the reduction in saliva.

Therefore, one should be quite cautious of the diet being followed. If a person’s teeth do not resemble the normal structure, there are various treatment options available at the Best Dental Clinic Ludhiana.

Oral problems related to a poor diet

  • Teeth Erosion

Erosion is referred to as the loss of the outer surface of the teeth due to acidic action from the food and drinks that one inhibits. There is no bacterial action to cause erosion.

The acids leading to erosion are citric acid, malic acid, phosphoric acid and some carbonic acids which are a part of the soft drinks that people consume regularly. These lead to a lower pH level inside the mouth resulting in the demineralization process. Consequently, the tooth surface erodes.

  • Gum Problems

Although lack of oral hygiene is the major factor that causes gum issues, a malnourished diet can trigger it as well. Decreased levels of folic acid can affect the gums.

Diseases related to gums can cause further discomfortable problems such as bleeding gums, loss of tooth, bad breath and other stomach related issues. Vitamin C should be taken for the repair of gum problems.

  • A Connection with Oral Cancer

Alcohol consumption has been known to be the supreme reason for Oral Cancer. Tobacco users and smokers are also at a high risk.

Malignant oral tumours in the mouth due to such activities can be countered by inclusion of Vitamin A, C, E and Beta Carotene which enhance the body’s antioxidant capabilities. In case of any serious symptom, Best Dentist in Ludhiana can be visited for thorough oral examination.

  • Mucosal Disorders

Bad oral hygiene can lead to severe mucosal conditions such as Aphthous ulcers. These cause a hindrance to eating, swallowing and drinking.

The same food substances causing ulcers can affect moisture content in the mouth and lead to dryness. This condition is called Xerostomia. One should schedule regular health check-ups at Best Dental Clinic Ludhiana to observe any changes in the mouth.

Dietary precautions to avoid poor oral health

  • Avoid processed food with sugar content on the higher side.
  • Younger children should not rely on junk food.
  • Limiting consumption of salted foods.
  • Food rich in fibre should be included in diet.
  • Avoiding sticky carbonated drinks.
  • Reducing total intake of fats.
  • Using fluoride rich toothpaste.

Maintaining good oral health is really important and no compromises should be made in following a suitable diet. Healthy eating habits should be passed on from the parents to the children in order to create awareness about the significance of diet. An equal stress should be laid on visiting the Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana for timely check-ups.

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