Dr. B.K Sharma

Dr. BK Sharma

Dr. B.K. Sharma

B.D.S (KGMC Lucknow), M.R.S.H (UK)

The good physician treats the disease, but a great physician treats the patient who has the disease

The above quote holds true for an eminent personality Dr. B.K Sharma, owner, and director of Sharma Dental Clinic. He established one of the first Dental clinics of Punjab, situated in Ludhiana with an aim of improving, treating and creating the awareness of orthodontal diseases in the land of five rivers (Panj-aab).

Education and Training

Dr. Sharma did his Graduation in dentistry from the best dental colleges of all times 'King George Medical College', Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in the year 1981 after securing a good rank in 'All India Entrance Test'. The college is considered to be a famous learning center along with a large number of patients from all the statuses of the society.

After completing a Disciplined Training, he returned back to the city of Ludhiana where he joined the famous 'Christian Medical College' as the head of the department in the Department of Community Medicine. He diligently performed all the portfolios of the college including creating awareness of various diseases, performing dental surgeries along with administration of the department. He was the first doctor who introduced a Community Dental Van that included a dental chair, medicines and cements and few doctors including him. His entire team used to travel to various areas of the city along with the villages for the underprivileged patients of the society.

Professional Practice

In the year 1986, he started his private practice and marked a niche among the influential people of Ludhiana. He became a personal Dental surgeon of Chief Minister of Punjab (of that time) Mr. Talwandi. He was an all-rounder personality with a very fine and jolly nature. A man of such humane intentions and love that patients till date remember him with full respect. Being a true visionary, he nurtured his 32-year-old practice with great hard work and determination. He proactively continued his dental training received an FRCS certificate from the U.K. He had a great hand and performed painless Dental surgeries, impactions of third molar teeth, root canals, gum surgeries, jaw fractures using IMF (intermaxillary fixation), laser surgeries, cosmetic treatment including crowns and bridges that amazed and impressed his patients.

Famous Patient Story

One of his famous patient stories is of a young girl who a day before her marriage experiences a fall which causes breakage of her upper front teeth. She reported to the clinic at night and her parents requested the treatment as her daughter disagreed for her wedding.  Dr. Sharma performed the treatment the whole night and even gave her crowns and convinced her to attend her own wedding. Now, after many years, she comes to the clinic along with her kids for their checkup.

We salute Dr. Sharma for being such a warm and gentle Dental surgeon who treated not only the disease but also the patient.

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