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We are the specialists in saving your teeth!

Sharma Dental Clinic– the best dental clinic in Ludhiana offers exceptional endodontic treatments in the entire region. For all your dental concerns related to tissues of the root and dental pulp are addressed in the most satisfying manner at our clinic.

Our team of best dentists in Punjab headed by Dr. Vivek Sharma, is expert in performing endodontic treatments such as root canal treatments, traumatic injuries, critical surgeries and other special procedures that help you save your natural tooth.

Have you ever experienced hot and cold sensitivity?


If yes, there might be chance the cavities/caries/tooth bug has entered the nerves and vessels of your esteemed tooth.  This means infection outside has entered inside of your tooth, which needs immediate attention and suitable medical treatment.

Root Canal Treatment is the most advanced, safest, specialized and microscopic treatment in which we remove the nerve and vessels of teeth with specialized, sterilized and very fine instruments followed by placement of medication i.e. filling a bio-compatible strong material inside the root canal of the teeth and covered by a bio-mimetic restoration of the lost tooth structure.

Sharma Dental Clinic takes pride in offering specialized techniques by using advanced technologies such as apex locators and rotary technique for root canals to give a very accurate picture of what’s inside the tooth to the patients. This significantly aids in right diagnosis and quick treatment of the ailing tooth.

We vouch for painless anesthesia before starting root canal treatment that leads to a comfortable experience by the patients.

Has your tooth lost the exposed structure in the mouth?


Don’t worry! Post and Core is one of the best dental restoration methods when there is inadequate amount of tooth structure available for crowing. A post is equivalent to a strong rod and on top of it crown is used to restore the tooth.

AT Sharma Dental Clinic, we strive to preserve your natural smile as we understand that nothing feels, functions or looks like your natural teeth!

Having pain in your tooth? Don’t ignore.

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