Everything you want to know about Laughing Gas Anesthesia in Dentistry

Everything you want to know about Laughing Gas Anesthesia in Dentistry

Feeling anxious about your dental appointment?

Does your kid feel uncomfortable sitting for his/her dental treatment?

Laughing gas is the ultimate and one of the safest solutions to all these problems. Dr. Mehak Kalra Sharma- the Best pediatric dentist in Ludhiana shares information on what is laughing gas? How a person is sedated, advantages and more. 

What is a laughing gas?

N2O or nitrous oxide is known as laughing gas or happy gas. It is a mild sedative that is given during dental procedures to make the patients feel relaxed. This gas miraculously manages anxiety and pain during the entire dental treatment.

This anesthesia treatment at Sharma Dental Clinic- the Best dental clinic in Punjab makes sure that patients don’t even feel the prick of a needle. 

This odourless and colourless gas is mixed with oxygen and made to be inhaled using a small mask on the nose. 

Dr. Mehak explains that the patients are asked to breathe normally through that mask. The effects of laughing gas are felt within a few minutes. 

How does laughing gas works?

Unlike the name, laughing gas does not make the patients laugh rather it slows down the nervous system and makes the patient feel less inhibited.

The patients may feel heaviness in arms and legs and sometimes light-headed. This makes the patient stay calm and composed throughout the procedure. The patient might giggle a couple of times during the course of treatment. 

Benefits of Laughing Gas

Dr. Mehak Kalra Sharma- one of the Best Dentists in Ludhiana shares that laughing gas is one of the safest and most effective methods for anesthesia in modern times. It quickly relaxes the patients.

Dr. Kalra further adds that nitrous gas doesn’t put the patient under sleep. So, the patient is awake throughout the procedure and can respond to dentist’s instructions comfortably.

  • Reduces pain/discomfort

The analgesic properties of the laughing gas when combined with numbing makes the entire dental procedure painless and purely comfortable.

  • Zero anxiety

Happy gas makes the patients feel euphoric and mitigates the feelings of anxiety and fear which in turn makes the patients sit for hours without any discomfort in case the procedure is lengthy.

  • Wears off quickly

The effects quickly wear off by making the patient inhale pure oxygen (through mask). By the time patient reaches home after the procedure, it’s gone!

Ideal candidates for laughing gas anesthesia

Anesthesia is usually given to patients undergoing dental implants, fillings, root canal treatments, tooth extractions, etc to help them stay comfortable throughout the dental procedure. 

Laughing gas can be given to the patients of any age group, whether it’s a child, adult or elderly as long as he/she is healthy and has no health issues that prevents or interfere in anesthesia.

Laughing gas is usually given to deal with

  • Patients who are anxious, uncooperative, fearful
  • Ones who have special health care needs
  • Gag reflux
  • Younger patients undergoing lengthy procedures
  • Patients not responding to local anesthesia
  • Patients having fear of needles and low tolerance to pains

Laughing gas anesthesia is usually not given to:

  • Pregnant women (first trimester)
  • Patients having deficiency of Vitamin B-12
  • History of Mental health
  • History of respiratory illness or substance abuse

Say Good Bye to Pain with laughing gas anesthesia- Now available at Sharma Dental Clinic

Sharma Dental Clinic – the best dental clinic in Punjab is the first ever dental clinic in Ludhiana offering laughing gas anesthesia for the dental procedure. It not only expedites the procedure but is completely safe for kids as well. Getting anxious about your dental treatment? Don’t forget to ask for laughing gas anesthesia today!

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