How to treat bad breath? Tips | Home Remedies

How to treat bad breath? Tips | Home Remedies

How to treat bad breath? Tips | Home Remedies

Experiencing bad breath despite regular brushing and flossing? Read the article for possible reasons and how to treat it with simple tips and home remedies.

Proper oral care and regular dental follow-ups are necessary for a healthy mouth. But despite flossing and brushing regularly, you may experience bad breath which is often termed as Halitosis. Dr. Vivek Sharma- the best dentist in Ludhiana shares some effective tips to control these lingering odours.

·         Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking ample amount of water is the first thing you can do to keep bad breath at bay. Dr. Vivek Sharma explains that when your mouth doesn’t have enough saliva it can lead to the production of odour-causing bacteria. So, it is vital to keep your mouth hydrated.

Dry mouth could be a result of certain medical conditions or side effects of medications that may keep your mouth deprived of moisture. Even after doing heavy exercise, your mouth may turn dry due to rapid breathing. 

Dr. Sharma- one of the best dentists in Punjab advices to drink water the moment you wake up in the morning as your mouth also tends to remain dry when you are asleep.

·         Proper Brushing/Flossing

Food lodging in teeth is the prime reason responsible for bad breath. If you are not brushing or flossing properly, these food particles start decaying and result in a foul smell from the mouth.

So, dentists across the globe recommend brushing and flossing atleast twice a day i.e. once in the morning and once at before going to bed. Ideally, we all should brush after every meal but as it’s not convenient, brushing twice a day for two minutes would suffice the need.

American and Indian dental Association stress regular flossing as it would help remove the stuck food particles and cut down on plaque build-up. It also helps to prevent periodontal diseases as well.

·         Tongue cleaning

The amino acids present in your food combine with bacteria on the tongue to produce halitosis-causing compounds. These compounds emit a pungent sulphur-like smell. The best way to avoid this is to regularly clean your tongue using your brush or a tongue cleaner.

·         Use a Mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth with a fluoride-based mouthwash helps you fight plaque and gingivitis. Alongside brushing and flossing, using mouthwash helps to freshen the breath.

·         Eat Healthy

It’s pretty common that eating onion and garlic will result in bad odour in your mouth. IDA (Indian Dental Association) eating a high-fructose rich diet or sugar-containing foods put you at risk of plaque formation. Infact, cheese is considered an anti-cavity food. It also helps in curbing the early cavity formation. 

Due to its high fibre content, fresh fruits and vegetables act as natural cleansers. Dr. Vivek Sharma- the best orthodontist in Ludhiana recommends including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the meals and carrot sticks/celery as snacks. 

Chewing fennel seeds after every meal not only helps in digestion but also boost saliva production. It has natural anti-bacterial properties that help in keeping bad breath away. 

Fresh breath is an indication of a healthy mouth, which in turn is a good sign of overall health. Inculcate these tips in your daily routine and make them a habit to ensure good oral care.

·         Visit your dentist

If you are practising all the above tips and still struggling with bad breath, then you may be at risk of having an underlying tooth disorder or any other reason. Proper diagnosis is critical in this scenario.

It’s high time to visit your dentist. It’s imperative that you need to go for a follow-up after every six months to ensure great oral health. 

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