Is there a Need to Remove the Wisdom Teeth?

Is there a Need to Remove the Wisdom Teeth?

Remove the Wisdom

Do you experience any pain at the back of your mouth?

Are you in your late teens or early twenties?

Then it might be wisdom teeth pain.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Besides the 28 teeth, we have 4 more teeth that appear in our early twenties. These 4 teeth grow at the end of molar teeth, on all four sides- two at the bottom and two at the top.

Since the 28 teeth take up almost all the available space, not enough space is left for the wisdom teeth. So either they end up touching the bone or grow horizontally towards the molar tooth.

In such cases, they tend to cause problems like pain in the gums or swelling around the area.

Problems Due to Wisdom Teeth

If the wisdom teeth do not get enough space, they can cause infections within the gums or worse- a cyst. A cyst can disrupt bone support and weaken the oral muscles.

Once the teeth get an uneven path to grow they might push molar teeth and cause crowding- leading to the need for professional maxillofacial surgery.

Moreover, if the wisdom tooth is half grown, it is not possible to clean it properly, and the open space becomes the breeding ground for bacteria, leading to tooth decay.

You might experience a little pain when the wisdom tooth grows, but if the pain prolongs or gets severe, consult the best orthodontics.

If any of the above problems arise, it would be better to undergo orthodontic treatment for wisdom teeth removal.

Treatment for Wisdom Teeth Removal

To remove the wisdom tooth, the orthodontic doctor would numb the gums with local anaesthesia. You might experience a tingling sensation during the uprooting of the tooth.

Sometimes the dentist would make a small cut on the gums to ease the process of rocking the tooth from the socket. To lessen the pain and not cause adverse effects on the adjoining teeth, the doctors need to widen the tooth socket.

The whole process might take about half an hour, and you might experience some swelling and pain for some days.

Symptoms After Wisdom Tooth Removal

After the wisdom tooth removal, you might experience:

  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Swelling in the mouth and surrounding areas
  • Mild bruising near the mouth area
  • Displeasing mouth taste

How to Recover from Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Consult a dentist on the best painkiller for wisdom teeth removal. The doctor might also suggest you avoid moving the jaw muscles and avoid smoking for at least 24 hours.

Moreover, avoid any carbonated beverage that might enhance the chances of tooth corrosion. To reduce the pain and swelling, rinse your mouth twice with an antiseptic mouthwash, especially after eating to remove any leftovers.

Visit an Orthodontic Clinic

Sharma Dental Clinic has professional dentists for wisdom teeth removal and is considered as the best orthodontic clinic in Ludhiana. We care about the health of our patients, and our priority is to give them pain-free treatment. If you have any doubts related to oral health, our experts will recommend the best solution suitable to your teeth’ position and the severity of the dental problem.

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