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Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics deals with correct alignment of teeth as well as dental arches- the mandible and the maxilla. While Orthodontics deals only with teeth straightening using dental braces, Dentofacial Orthopedics is more concerned about the alignment of teeth according to facial and jaw structure.

Sharma Dental Clinic- thebest dental clinic in Ludhiana specializes in the diagnosis, interception, prevention as well as treatment of malocclusion along with other abnormalities of orofacial structures.

We have a team of best Pediatric Dentists in Ludhiana and orthodontic professionals that offer a broad spectrum of orthodontic services for patients. Kids are the most suitable candidates for receiving dentofacial orthopedic treatment.

Special equipment is used to correct your child’s jaw growth and ensure proper alignment of the jaw bone. Adults can also be given this treatment but they may require to undergo a small surgery. For kids, the bones are developing and fusing, so it’s easier to control the bone growth in kids.

 Our dedicated and committed team offers multidisciplinary and comprehensive orthodontic care to patients irrespective of age.

Seeking advice for your misaligned teeth? Fix an appointment today with Sharma Dental Clinic.