Tips To Maintain Your Teeth While Traveling

Tips To Maintain Your Teeth While Traveling


Everyone needs a break from the chaotic and stressful life occasionally. You might love vacation and get in a relaxing mood, but your teeth feel otherwise.

The vacation may last up to a few days or weeks. This time is enough to cast a deteriorating spell on the teeth.

It is necessary to maintain oral health, no matter what country and time it is. Keep a track of your oral health on a vacation with these Sharma Dental Clinic’s suggested tips.

  • Using bottled water

When visiting a new place, everyone is skeptical about using tap water. A million thoughts run through the mind. What if the water is contaminated? What if the fluoride content is more?

It is advisable to learn about the local water and its pH value. Gaining that information will make it easier to decide whether to use bottled water or not.

No one wants to taste the grimy, contaminated water that affects the teeth adversely.

  • Carry a Dental Care Kit

When traveling, it is arduous to visit a dentist near you as you are unaware of the area. This can cause an issue if you suddenly experience toothaches and swollen gums.

Carrying a compact kit for maintaining oral health seems like a splendid idea. You can enjoy your vacation without any hindrance by your teeth.

The dental kit should include some rudiment items that include:

  1. Extra toothbrush
  2. A mini toothpaste
  3. Tongue cleaner
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Reel of floss
  6. Some tissues
  7. Sugarless gum
  • Keeping the toothbrush clean

At home, the toothbrush has ample time to dry and thus prevents the sprouting of bacteria.

Packing a wet toothbrush while traveling or keeping it in a closed space can feed bacteria. Before packing, certify that the toothbrush is dry or wrap it in a reusable plastic bag to avoid direct contact with air.

  • Disposable Brush

Waiting for a long time to get the toothbrush dry does not seem like a feasible idea during traveling. You also do not want to use the bacteria-infused toothbrush on your teeth.

What to do then?

There is an alternative to the plastic or bamboo toothbrushes one usually uses at home. Disposable brushes seem like an illustrious option for traveling purposes.

Although it is not as good as regular toothbrushes, it does the job well.

  • Thorough cleaning before bed

After the whole day of eating foods filled with sugar and carbs, it is imperative to clean the teeth thoroughly.

Even if you are unable to floss and rinse your mouth regularly after every meal, you do not need to beat yourself up.

Following a perfectly curated night routine will help cover up all the negligence one showed towards oral health on the vacation.

Doctor’s tip- Brush twice and floss at least once a day and get that sparkly white and strong teeth.

  • Sugarless Gum

Gum might sound like an odd choice to maintain oral health. But if it is a sugarless one, you are on the right track.

Chewing Gum is not only beneficial for relieving ear pressure during flights; it has other benefits too.

Sugarless gums can help keep the cavities at bay. Dentists advise chewing the gum for about 20 minutes after every meal to remove any residue particles stuck in the teeth.

The gist of the matter

Good dental hygiene ensures that you support a megawatt smile during your vacation and get those selfies.

However, even after following all the tips and precautions, if you experience any pain or oral issues, it is better to visit the best orthodontist. Now do not fret before traveling and brighten up the day with that smile!


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