What does laughing gas do when it comes to dentistry?

What does laughing gas do when it comes to dentistry?

Dental treatment under laughing gas

You may sometimes experience anxiety when it comes to your dental appointment. You need to sit still for a long hour of check-up, cleaning or even operation. During the treatment You cannot stop gagging when the dentist is all set to put the required instruments in your mouth.

All of these described situations may call for the use of laughing gas or say dental nitrous oxide to ensure a successful and easy dental visit. But what exactly do we mean by laughing gas?

Most dental visits or appointments are followed by a set way. For instance, A dental hygienist will precisely scrape plaque off of your teeth, further followed by a polishing to remove any stain on the teeth.

After that certain procedure, a round of flossing, a peek under the tongue, and this way your dentist gives your teeth a thumbs up. You pocket up a free floss and toothbrush, book your next appointment and mark another 4 months on your calendar. You can visit the Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana.

But not every dental appointment is so smooth. Some procedures require laughing gas to be administered. You might have heard of it, but what does laughing gas do, you wonder?

Let us know why and how laughing gas under dental treatment is used.

What Does Laughing Gas Do?

Nitrous oxide (N2O), commonly known as laughing gas, is a mild sedative agent or used in sedation dentistry that safely, efficiently and effectively manages pain and anxiety during dental appointment or treatment.

The colourless and odourless nitrous oxide or laughing gas is mixed with oxygen and then being inhaled through a small mask that may fit over your nose. Patients are then generally asked to breathe normally and might feel the effects of the laughing gas within minutes.

As assumed from its name, nitrous oxide or laughing gas does not necessarily make you laugh. The nitrous oxide or laughing gas helps in slowing down your nervous system in order to make you feel less inhibited.

You may feel tingly, light-headed, or even heaviness in your arms or legs. Ultimately, you will feel calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. You might even giggle, certainly not that gradual.

The Benefits of Laughing Gas

Dentists choose nitrous oxide because it is a safe, efficient and effective method for sedation dentistry.

The laughing gas works quite quickly to relax patients in terms of pain and anxiety, and the effects wear off quickly by breathing pure oxygen through a mask.

In addition to that, the nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep, so you can hear and respond to any of the dentist’s instructions or questions.

What is Laughing Gas Used For?

The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry or say AAPD recommends the use of nitrous oxide or laughing gas for these indications:

  • Patients who are uncooperative, fearful or anxious
  • Patients with certain special health care needs
  • Patients with reflexes of gagging that interfere with dental care
  • Patients who do not generally respond adequately to local anaesthesia
  • Younger patients or children who must undergo lengthy dental procedures or long hour operations

Who Shouldn’t Use Laughing Gas?

While nitrous oxide or laughing gas is considered a safe and efficient sedative, it might not be the right choice for you.

Listed below are several risk factors for using laughing gas. Do converse with your dentist if you have any of the following conditions:

  • If the patient is currently in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • If the patient has certain history of respiratory illnesses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • If the patient has vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • If the patient has history of substance abuse
  • If the patient has enzyme condition
  • If the patient has history of mental health conditions

Summing Up

Laughing gas or nitrous oxide can definitely be a useful tool for easing anxiety and pain during certain dental procedures.

If you feel that you might benefit from using nitrous oxide or laughing gas for your next dental appointment or long hour dental procedures or operation, you should further talk to your dentist about available options. Sharma Dental Clinic Ludhiana is the best place where you will find the most apt treatments for your dental problems.

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