What is Root Canal | What You Need To Know About It?

What is Root Canal | What You Need To Know About It?

What is Root Canal

Even after brushing twice a day and taking all the necessary precautions, bacteria can enter the tooth and deteriorate the oral health.

This can cause infection and inflammation in the gums. It is crucial to treat it in due course to avoid the spread of infection.

What is a root canal?

It is the procedure of treating the infected tooth and relieving the pain and inflammation.

A root canal is preferred when there is a hope to save the tooth without completely removing it.

The root canal gives a mild comfort for some days. It imposes little to no issues when performed by a professional Endodontist.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is required when the tooth gets cracked and the bacteria tracks the deeper layers. The dental pulp (soft tissue in the center of the tooth) might get infected by the bacteria.

Some of the visible symptoms of bacteria infection are listed.

  • Tooth pain

Initially, the pain would be restricted to the tooth. It may further spread to the jaw, face, and other teeth. In some cases, severe pain can reach the head as well.

  • Pain while chewing

You might experience shooting pain in your tooth while chewing something hard. This is because the nerves around the damaged tooth are sensitive

When pressure is applied, the nerves cannot withstand it and an unbearing sensation passes in the tooth.

  • Swollen Gums

When the tooth is infected, the gums around it accumulate pus. This causes swollen and tender gums.

Some traces of blood can be observed for high amounts of pus.

  • Loose Tooth

A bacteria-infected tooth might start to feel loose if not treated on time.

This happens because the swollen gums weaken the bones holding that tooth together.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

An Endodontist will carefully scrutinize the severity of the infection. The tooth would be either repairable or it would have to be extracted.

To get the appropriate advice and results, it is advisable to visit the best dental clinic near you.

The tooth is injected with local anesthesia before beginning the treatment. Thus, making the procedure less painful.

The tooth is drilled through the crack. This process helps to reach the depths of the tooth and successfully remove the bacteria.

Further, the inflamed pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned to remove the bacteria. The tooth is filled with Gutta Percha (rubber-like material).

The next step involves the resin reconstruction with acid and then ultrasonic cleaning of the tooth. Following that, the tooth is filled with a composite resin and dried with light.

Finally, the Gutta Percha is used on the upper layers of the tooth to create the crown.

Now, the tooth is ready to function like any other.

Tips For Root Canal Recovery

After successful tooth restoration, it is crucial to be cautious for some days. The treatment would take some time to completely set and dry.

Let us look briefly into these recovery tips.

  • Treat The Pain

Although it is expedient to take the prescribed amounts of analgesics, one can consume an increased amount after consulting the best dentist for a root canal.

  • Eat Prescribed Food

The Endodontists advice to avoid intaking any solid or liquid food for some hours after the root canal. This would give time for the Gutta Percha to set.

This would also provide time for the anesthesia to wear off, and you can properly chew your food.

  • Avoid Inflammation

Some inflammation after the root canal is normal. However, further inflammation can be prevented by avoiding sugary items, smoking, and putting pressure on the tooth.

Summing Up

In case of any symptoms of toothache and swollen gums, immediately visit the best dental clinic near you.

No one wants to experience swollen gums and tooth decay. Endodontist treatments help you smile again naturally. Sharma Dental Clinic values your smile and provides the best results for all endodontics treatments.

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