What is the Connection Between Tongue and Oral Health?

What is the Connection Between Tongue and Oral Health?

Oral Health

We often notice our teeth after brushing, and some also notice their faces. Moreover, we constantly check for any pimples or bumps on our skin.

But have you ever checked your tongue? Yes, it may sound odd, but our tongues can tell a lot about our oral health.

After reading this article, you might change your mind and start checking your tongue daily.

What do the Different Colours of the Tongue Mean?

The colour changes are not very prominent initially, but if noticed carefully, then it is helpful to prevent any serious oral health issues.

If you observe any unusual changes or spots on your tongue, it is better to consult the best dentist near you.

  • Any Visible White Spots

A white/creamy-looking tongue is a possible sign of yeast infection. This infection is named Oral Thrush.

Oral thrush appears as white spots on the tongue, and they often go away after brushing the tongue.

However, some white spots are persistent, and this condition is known as Leukoplakia. Be on the watch since it can be the beginning of oral cancer.

  • Any Visible Red Spots

There are multiple causes for red spots on the tongue. It can be due to Folic acid and Vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Another reason might be scarlet fever. If you are experiencing a high fever and a red tongue, you need to visit your dentist immediately.

Your kids can also suffer from Kawasaki disease, where they experience high fever with strawberry-appearance tongue.

  • Black-hairy Appearance of Tongue

The black-hairy appearance is not a serious oral health issue. It generally occurs when the pink bumps on the skin become large, and bacteria accumulate on them.

The risk of a black-hairy appearance increases for a diabetic person.

Ensure that you clean your tongue daily to prevent bacteria formation.

  • Bumps or Sores on the Tongue

There can be many different reasons for a bump appearing on the tongue. However, the most prominent of them are stress (unreasonable tongue biting), canker sores, and smoking.

The bumps or sores can be an initial stage of oral cancer. Do not disregard it because the sore is painless.

Do not neglect it, and get in touch with the best dentist in town.

  • Visible Yellow Stains

If your tongue appears yellow, it is high time that you start brushing your tongue daily.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is important for healthy teeth and overall oral health.

Yellow tongue leads to bacteria formation, which in turn destroys the teeth and results in plaque formation.

It is advisable to brush your teeth and floss twice every day to maintain good oral health.

Summing Up

A healthy tongue is pink in colour and does not make you uncomfortable while talking or eating.

Brush your tongue while brushing your teeth to maintain oral hygiene.

In case of any unusual appearance on the tongue, consult your dentist for tongue hygiene. If you have yet to find a dentist in Ludhiana, then Sharma Dental Clinic is a great option. Professional dentists understand your oral issues and uniquely solve all problems.

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