What qualities to look for in a paediatric dentist?

What qualities to look for in a paediatric dentist?

What qualities to look for in a paediatric dentist?

Taking your little one to the dentist is inevitably a daunting task especially when it is the first time.  The feeling of anxiety, fear and claustrophobia is obvious. Kids are sensitive and get anxious when it comes to making them sit on a chair and a masked person inspecting their mouth with loud tools.

It’s very important to ensure that the paediatrician you’re choosing is trustworthy and is gentle with kids. Have a look at the top six qualities your paediatric dentist should have.

1.      Right atmosphere for children

It’s very important that the kid feels comfortable while visiting the dentist. And, the waiting room serves as the beginning point of this feeling. Children usually don’t have the same kind of patience as we adults have. Waiting for the appointment could be boring, painful and even anxiety-driven when they see other patients.

Having the right kid-friendly atmosphere such as toys or other playful toys that are safe ensure that these little patients are occupied till their turn.

Apart from that, the examination room should also be engaging as well as welcoming. To boost the dental experience of the child, the ambience should be positive so that the child can sit on the chair in a relaxed way.

2.      Engaging, welcoming and friendly staff

An un-friendly staff just adds to the fear and shoots the anxiety level of the already frightened child. Therefore, having a welcoming and approachable staff is a prerequisite with whom the children can engage. This is very critical to make their experience pleasant. 

3.      Responding to parental concerns

The best paediatric dentist is completely responsive to all parental concerns. While searching on google for the best paediatric dentist near me, you must check the dentist’s willingness to address all your queries or concerns, irrespective of how petite they may be. It is advisable to stay prepared with all the questions prior to appointment that you want to ask.

4.      Right size of instruments

It’s obvious that the size of the mouth of a kid is small as compared to an adult. So, the supplies and instruments used should also adhere to the paediatric needs. Using large or oversized tools could result in painful procedures which can trigger a permanent fear in his mind. The best paediatric dentist in Ludhiana makes sure that the kid is completely comfortable during the entire procedure.

5.      Painless anaesthesia

It may happen that your child needs to be given anaesthesia to make the process painless and make him feel relaxed and comfortable. Look out for a dentist having laughing gas or nitrogen oxide for sedating the child.

This gas will make sure that your kid doesn’t even feel the prick of a needle, turning the entire treatment safe, comfortable and successful.

 Apart from that, using laughing gas as anaesthesia will reduce the anxiety levels of the child making him feel more relaxed and worry-free.

6.      Communication with the child

It’s very important to know how the dentist communicates with your child and explains him the problem. Using high-level industry language or jargon may further exaggerate the anxiety. On the other hand, a good Paediatric dentist in Ludhiana uses very easy and friendly language that not only helps the child to understand the problem but also eases out the nervousness regarding the ailment.

While looking for a dentist for your little munchkin, it’s important to ensure that the dentist is patient and caring. Paediatric dentists at Sharma Dental Clinic understand that it’s important to earn a child’s trust and they’re patient enough to achieve that trust.

Your child facing any dental concerns? Why wait? Call Sharma Dental Clinic right away for the best painless Dental treatment in Ludhiana for kids and ensure that they’re in good hands.

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