What To Do When Dental Emergency Happens?

What To Do When Dental Emergency Happens?


Just like other issues of the body, problems related to the mouth and teeth come without a disclaimer. A person knowing how to react can reduce the intensity of the problem. Knowing what to do will guarantee immediate action and would prevent wastage of time.

Some cases require quick response whereas others do not require the immediate presence of the dentist. One should know how to differentiate between the two. Injuries to the gums and teeth should be avoided at any cost. These can turn out to be potentially dangerous.

The Best dental clinic in Ludhiana will cast some light on how to tackle a dental emergency.

The following are the remedial measures that should be taken when a dental emergency occurs:


Toothache could be a result of various reasons. Cavity, a worn out enamel or cracks can lead to tooth pain. The intensity can be moderate if something is stuck between the teeth. Prolonged pain can cause other problems such as swelling with pain. Mouth should be rinsed with warm water. The swelling should be treated by pressing the cheek with a cold compress.

There are certain remedies such as Warm saline rinses, minute quantities of clove oil, alum(phitkari) etc. If something gets stuck between the teeth it should be removed with floss. If the object does not come out the dentist should be visited.


If the fractured tooth hurts a lot, it is considered an emergency. It should not be taken lightly at all. Biting hard food can deteriorate the teeth. The enamel may also develop cracks which may need treatment as well.

The dentist should be called immediately if there are signs that the tooth is pushed into the gum. Any pieces of broken tooth should be collected. Mouth should be rinsed with water. Bleeding can be stopped by applying gauze. Use a cold compress against the cheek if the broken tooth has caused swelling. This would relieve pain. Regular dental checkups can help in preventing emergencies to some extent.


Moderate bleeding at the time of brushing is a common thing. It can be corrected by sticking to proper hygiene. However, spontaneous bleeding can indicate something serious. It is not a good sign to bleed from the mouth.

In case of emergency, use of betadine mouthwash in dilution can resolve the issue in an effective way.

Additionally, Warm saline rinses are also a good choice. The dentist should be visited if you observe blood on your toothbrush.


Losing a permanent tooth is frequently seen in young kids and the tooth that commonly falls off is the first central incisor. Immediate treatment is required if you break a tooth. It should be tried to place the knocked-out tooth back at its place by holding it at the position of the crown.

One can put it back on the socket, mouth, milk, saline water, coconut water etc. If there is an inability to put it back in the socket, one should visit the dentist within 20 minutes or as early as possible. The dentist will stabilize it and as a result your child’s tooth will be saved.


For an extruded tooth, immediate treatment should be taken from the dentist. A cold compress should be used. Painkillers (prescribed by your family dentist) can also be used to relieve the pain.


One should try to stay calm after there is a cut on the tongue. Tongue injuries usually heal themselves provided that the cut is not large.

A bruise on the lips can be treated by using a cold pressure bag or a bag of ice. It will help in soothing the pain and swelling.


An appointment should be scheduled with the dentist in case the crown falls off. Some clove oil can be applied on the sensitive area by means of a cotton swab.

You can make a remarkable change in your dental health by following good oral hygiene practices. One should visit the dentist after regular intervals. The intake of sweets and using a fluoride toothpaste will also help in strengthening the teeth. However, any amount of measures taken cannot completely prevent dental emergencies. One should visit the Best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana in case any emergency prevails

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